Account Takeover/ abuse Detection

Monitor fraud behaviors for potential account risks in login and registration process, thus assisting platform reduce fund loss or brand damage caused by account security issues.

・Application Scenarios


Account theft (Login):

Users may suffer from password breach of payment accounts due to Trojan or phishing, which may result in fund loss of account and corporate image damage.


Brute-force attacks (Login):

Internet frauds will crack account password by brute force with scripts, to gain account login authority, resulting in fund loss of users and corporate brand damage.


Collision attacks (Login):

Internet frauds make attempts with a large quantity of user names and passwords leaked on the Internet. If user names and passwords of fund accounts on the platform are in the leaked database unfortunately, may lead to loss of user information and funds.


Vulnerability exploitation (Login):

Hackers may attempt to use web vulnerabilities such as the SQL injection, which may lead to account information leakage and other serious consequences if the website system are vulnerable.


Fraud registration (Registration):

When a new platform is published, promotion campaigns for attracting new users are usually seen. But there are many Econnoisseurs on the Internet who bypass the verification of platforms with registrations machine, the fake mobile phone numbers , which causes unnecessary fund loss to platform.

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