Fraud Intelligence

This system is the prepositive tache of anti-fraud process, which can generate fraud intelligence by monitoring, collecting and analyzing the fraud activities on the entire network and learn fraud strategies, technologies and processes from the perspective of the attackers, so that we can promptly alert the potential fraud risk for clients, accumulate industry experience and generate industry reports providing authoritative references for future prevention.

・Product Features


Monitor fraud tools and methods, and make alerts timely.


Analyze specific attack technique and scenarios professionally, and provide defense strategy timely.


Collect and analyze risk data on the entire network, and generate quarterly industry report.

・Application Scenarios


Monitoring Econnoisseurs:

Monitor fake phone number, proxies and other fraud tools commonly used by Econnoisseurs, and predict the affected applications by analyzing them.


Marketing Campaigns:

When platforms publish new campaigns online, fraudsters often share their relevant "experience". So we will collect those information to help customers block the business flaw of campaigns in time.


Account Security:

We are able to perceive the account security on the entire network. When a platform suffers from collision attack, the system will monitor whether these high-risk accounts are harmful to other customers, and give warning to these customers in time.

・Product Advantages


Covering the entire network for monitoring data, never missing any corner and supplementing data sources continuously.


Professional anti-fraud experts will analyze specific threat relate to customers’ platform, conduct a full data association, to associate it with the suspicious data on our data analyze engine and compile expert report. Once a customer node is attacked, warning can be given to other nodes immediately.

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