IP Profiling

Perform refined classification and risk prediction of IP addresses through analyzing risk behaviors of IPs in a variety of dimensions with big data analysis.

・Product Features


IP Address Type:

Classify IP address into multiple type, such as Internet Data Center, Base Station, Leased line, Home broadband and others by analyzing IP network attributes and behavior features based on business scenarios. For example, many non-human behavior comes from IP addresses of Internet Data Center, this type can be directly rejected if necessary, or adopt more flexible defense strategies for base station IPs with a large number of users, which can effectively avoid false alert caused by risk management strategies. In real business scenarios, refined defense strategies can be developed for different categories.


Risk Behavior Label:

Generate refined risk labels through cross-platform risk event association and analysis, which describe the risk behaviors of IPs in particular business scenario. For example, if an IP is known to have risk of frequent fraud registration on Platform A, there should be more defense for this IP on Platform B in the same business scenario.


Network location and Behavior location:

The network location is the result of locating an IP on network link and network structure. The result of common GeoIP resolution is the network location. Behavior location is real geographical location of user's accessing the Internet through the IP. There are about 20 million IPs in China, there is a very big difference between their behavior location and network location. As a result, using only one positioning means easily cause false alert.

・Application Scenarios


IP address is important business data, as information generated on IP address can be used in most business scenarios.

・Product Advantages


Refined IP classification, a wealth of risk labels, precise IP address positioning and cross-platform joint defense.


Risk behavior data of IPs, coming from our massive client group, describe risk behaviors on IPs from multiple dimensions, covering most of the active domestic IPs.


Perfectly match with our anti-fraud rule engine, and defense rules can be customized based on different business scenarios.

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