Promo Abuse Detection

Based on Our device fingerprint technology and customized risk management models, with our advantage of cross-platform data, assist platforms monitor and identify a variety of marketing frauds such as malicious bounty hunters, click farming and scalpers, fake sec-killing and click cheating, to filter suspicious traffic, improve marketing effect and protect the benefit of users.

・Product Features


Cheating device identification:

With our device fingerprint technology, you can get multiple attributes of the operation device, so as to analyze the frequency of the device participating in marketing activities, associated account and other information, thus effectively identifying cheating devices.


Proxy IP analysis:

With our proxy detection engine, you can discover the behavior of hiding the real IP address with the proxies, so as to accurately identify whether current user is visiting the website via proxy, and then effectively identify cheating users with our risk management model and users’ information.


Fraud user behaviors:

With our big data risk management engine, you can accurately analyze the characteristics of users' behaviors, thus identifying fraud or cheating users effectively.

・Application Scenarios


Malicious bounty hunters:

When banks and other financial institutions as well as various e-commerce/O2O platforms offer bounty for new registers, our marketing campaign security program can effectively identify bounty hunters registered with fake phone number or using cheating tools.


Click farm and scalpers:

Targeting the click farm and scalpers on hospital registration/ticketing platform, the marketing campaign security service can effectively detect the scalpers and click farming.


Fake e-commerce sec-killing:

Targeting the low-price sales promotion , the marketing campaign security service can identify suspicious users, so as to guarantee the marketing effect of platforms and protect the benefit of normal users.


Cheating advertising clicking prevention:

The marketing campaign protection service can intercept cheating click behaviors, helping advertisers filter suspicious traffic so as to guarantee the advertising effect.

・Product Advantages


Our proxy detection engine can accurately detect various proxies, including HTTP, SSH, SOCKSV4, SOCKSV5 and VPN (PPTP/L2TP) in an active or passive manner. Via fast scanning, it can detect users’ access in a real-time manner, and record the accurate proxy status when user access. We record proxy IPs, so as to establish an abundant global proxy IP database.


It can identify risk in a cross-field and cross-regional manner based on device dimensions, thus realizing joint defense.


We don’t need to install system software or browser plug-ins to access our device fingerprint service, which need little time to load, does not keep users waiting long or affect the user experience, and is compatible with most Internet browsers and mobile devices. Generally speaking, it is fast to access, simple to operate and excellent in performance.


Our rule engine can extract constantly changing rules for further dynamic management and modification, so that the system becomes more flexible for more extensive application. Meanwhile, the risk rule engine can run a large quantity of complex rules in parallel, orderly and excellently.

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